Those Aren't Stars


Those Aren't Stars was made solo for Ludum Dare 35. The theme was shapeshifting, and I chose to interpret that as the character's ability to assume a different form. The game is about a tiny witch who can turn into a stone statue. This grants her immunity to the strong gusts of wind that act as obstacles as well as to all forms of damage, but she can do nothing in this form except for turn back into a human.


This game was made in 48 hours. The art and music were made from scratch using Illustrator and Logic Pro, respectively, and the sound effects were generated with bfxr. The game revolves around the player's ability to turn into stone in order to avoid obstacles and damage. Obviously, the player can't progress if they just stay in statue mode the entire time, so they have to balance their need for safety and their need for progression, and being able to make that call quickly is rewarded.

I plan to tweak this game a bit in the future to add more content, and one thing I would like to address is how much waiting it makes you do. Many of the puzzles amount to "Press the button and wait a minute", and rushed level design led to other forms of waiting (such as waiting almost a minute for the first moving platform to reach you). I would also like to include more active uses for the stone ability, such as weighing down springs and transforming to let the spring rocket you upward. Despite its flaws (of which it has several, being a solo LD game), I'm incredibly proud of this game. It shows how far I've come in only a year not just in areas like rapid programming, character design, and music composition, but in actual game design (the fun part!).