Infinite Chicken Quest

Spin the maze to get all the delicious chicken!


Infinite Chicken Quest was made for Ludum Dare 34 with a friend who was new to Unity. It's a puzzle game where you move a dino through a maze by rotating it with the arrow keys in order to collect all the delicious chicken. My responsibilities for this project were art and sound (including music), as well as a tiny bit of programming. The vast majority of the programming was done by the other team member, who was new to game development. Design responsibility was shared.


This game was made in 72 hours, though having work on the last day of development limited what could be done with that last day. It procedurally generates each level using a seed that is generated using a base seed that is created when a New Game combined with the number of the level. This means that the game can theoretically go on forever, but quitting the game still gives you the option to continue where you left off and have your current level be the same as it was when you quit.