Cocos Cove

Coco is a monkey with Type II Diabetes who needs your help! Fling her around to launch her into food, but watch out for foods with a lot of carbs!


Coco's Cove was my Senior Game Design Capstone project. I was a senior programmer on the project along with one other senior programmer and a junior programmer. I also had a large hand in the design, helping concept a number of the mechanics that went into the game.


Coco's Cove was designed to be subtly educational, reinforcing healthy dietary habits for diabetics through its mechanics. The degree to which different foods do or do not effect Coco's blood sugar are reflective of the carbs those foods have in reality with respect to each other, and managing Coco's blood sugar is essential in completing levels as efficiently as possible. These mechanics are designed to build subtle positive associations with healthier food choices and meal plans in players and to give non-diabetic players a very basic understanding of what can happen when a person with type II diabetes has blood sugar ratings outside of the preferred range.